As a registered CPA Ontario firm our aim is to bring refinement to our Ontario clients by making it easier and more secure to complete their tax return.

We are a remote company without physical offices allowing us to offer our clients lower prices. We understand that our clients are constantly on the go, that’s why we built our core business this way. Our success has grown by being available to you when you need us most.

“Topsheet” meaning; Our clients value clear communication so we handle the paperwork and provide a snapshot of your overall tax situation, with only the information you care about on one page.


Offline File Storage (tax)

Your sensitive information (SIN / Date of Birth) is never sent over email. Your tax documents are never saved to the cloud unless requested by you. 

Canadian Servers

Our website is stored on Canadian servers meaning your sensitive information is always close to home while being transferred to our offline storage. 


Physical paper can easily be misfiled, destroyed, or stolen. Numerous safeguards, encryption, and online security measures work together to protect your documents


Brendan Miller, CPA

Brendan is a tax and not-for-profit accountant who advocates for philanthropy in Canada. That’s why at Topsheet Financial we offer a 5% discount if you donate more than 5% of your annual gross income to registered charities in Canada. He has 10 years experience in the accounting industry with a distinct reputation as an accountant and financial analyst in the not-for-profit sector. Brendan holds a CPA and a Honours Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where he graduated with distinction.